Food truck accounting hits the road to success | Xero

Never underestimate the power of a chance meeting. Michael and Mindy Levy of Bean Counter 4 Hire met Tate Henshaw of Polay + Clark at a Xero Roadshow. And the meeting of the minds put together a food truck accounting solution that considers everything – including the back-end and client experience.

To find proof of their solution, say hello to Lauren MacLeod and Danny Bua, Jr. from That Awesome Taco Truck. “Michael and Tate are the best. We didn’t know anything about the taxes and how they change across city lines” says Lauren. Thankfully, Michael and Tate were there to guide them and according to Lauren – “it would have been disastrous if we had to figure them out the hard way.”

Part of this guidance was Xero. “I wanted an accounting software that I could do on my phone, on the go, on the truck – that was really quick and easy and intuitive,” says Lauren.

Thanks to Michael, Tate and Xero – Lauren and Danny can focus on their true love: their food truck. “I want to make sure that 100 percent of my focus is on this food and making sure it’s awesome. This is what we get Xero for,” says Danny.

But as with any great partnership, it takes all sides. And Michael is quick to applaud Lauren for embracing their advice, the Xero technology and the best practices – basically, all that’s required to run a successful food truck. It’s no wonder that Lauren proudly shouts:

“The team at Xero allows us to focus on putting out really good food without having to worry about accounting. Because of the technology, we feel like we have a much better chance of surviving as a small business.”

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