About Bean Counter 4 Hire

Bean Counter 4 Hire, LLC was founded in 2015 by Michael & Mindy Levy, a husband & wife partnership. Our firm has been 100% remote and paperless from the very beginning. This ability to work from anywhere across the globe allowed for us to move from California to Nashville, TN, where we have continued to offer incredible accounting services to small businesses remotely.

Our Mission

We are a management accounting firm designed to help and support small business owners achieve their financial goals. We accomplish this by combining our passion for entrepreneurship, accounting expertise, and the best cloud technology available.

Our Origin Story

Our CEO, Michael Levy, previously worked for multiple start-ups and small businesses before launching his corporate accounting career. In his time working as a staff accountant, Michael witnessed firsthand how data entered into the accounting system could be translated into sophisticated financial information. This information helped inform the management teams allowing them to make smarter choices and monitor KPI goals. Through this experience, Michael felt passionate about finding a way to produce this same financial clarity level and provide it to small business owners of organizations that might not have their own accounting department and, of course, for an affordable price. That’s when he discovered cloud accounting technologies. By embracing his love of technology and bridging it with his accounting experience, Michael developed a way to provide an outsourced accounting solution that small business owners could afford and count on. Michael is a problem-solver and has a talent for coaching entrepreneurs. He seeks to empower his clients with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to conquer the challenges, both expected and unexpected, that they inevitably face.

How we can help

Our firm has two primary paths a client can take:

    • Option 1 (Recommended) – We offer monthly bookkeeping services along with add-ons such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and virtual CFO. We typically recommend clients start with our bookkeeping service. Then, as they grow, we can add on additional services. This method allows the client to essentially have their very own accounting department.


  • Option 2 – For clients that may not be ready to commit to monthly services, we can provide our services on a consulting basis. Our consulting services cover various items we can help with, such as: catch-up or clean-up bookkeeping, professional accounting system setup, advanced bookkeeping entries, training, general small business advice, and more!


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